Thursday, 30 April 2015

Making Money with Android App - Income Report Week # 2

This is my second week report in the Android income series that I'm writing about how I'm making total passive money with my android application. It has been six months since I launched my app. In the beginning I didn't really bother about promoting it or even updating it but after seeing the potential in the market and the incentive of total passive money, I invested some time and money to pursuit this endeavor.

Uptil now it has been a successful one. My app is getting reasonable 50-70 downloads per day and I have started making a modest $100 per month. It's not much but frankly I would accept it as long as it's coming without even making a single effort.

Truth is never I never really made it myself because I'm not an android developer, I'm a doctor. This might sound funny but I just outsource these things. Although it requires some capital and also some basic knowledge about how internet and freelancing works but that was something I acquired after some serious trial and error shots over a period of 6 years. Finally I'm kind of settling down with making money online.

So, forget all that. Here are the stats for this week. It has been a good week with some heavy troughs but yesterday I touched the $6 earning mark so all in all made a decent $22 this week as compared to last week $20.

making money with android app

making money with android app

making money with android app

making money with android app

The CPC bumped down a bit but recovered just in time to give a slightish rise in my over all earnings. As long as it's a rise, I'm happy with it. Pageviews have been pretty much the same. Despite a bit increase in downloads, the active users are increasing very steadily.

If you have any questions regarding my earnings or anything related to making money with android feel free to pass a comment.

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