Saturday, 25 April 2015

How I make total Passive money with my Android Applications

I have been reading a lot about passive money making and passive income but almost everyone talks only about how you can make passive income from a website (which is totally untrue). So, today I have decided to write this article on what true passive income is. Unlike other bloggers who consider blogging as a source of passive income, I believe that it's totally ridiculous. In order to make good money from blogging you have to work daily in writing new content and then marketing your blog to increase its readership.

That was the reason I left blogging in the first place cause it was a lot of hardwork and I was looking for some type of an monetary investment rather than time investment. After seeing how app owners earn and make money from their apps, I decided to pursue this line and uptill now I'm very glad that I left blogging for App development. P.S this blog is only for educating others and for now I have no intention to monetize it heavily.

So, how do you make money from android apps?
Well, to answer that question you have to understand how the Play store works. Once you publish your application, you have to promote it a little bit just to start things up and then if you're lucky enough (which I was) you'll be able to grab daily 100-200 downloads without advertisement or any sort of marketing. It's all about making a quality app and hitting the right market. With my first app I was able to hit the right market and I got lucky as out of millions of apps out there in the play store mine was getting some decent daily downloads.

I monetized my app with admob right from the start. This way I was able to monitor my earnings. I used to update my app only once in a month or two just to keep its function optimized. This way now I've been able to get more than 12,000 downloads and I'm making a steady passive income of $100 average a month. Remember this is just a start and I'm hoping this trend would continue. It's a total passive income and all I do now is monitor my admob account and share my thoughts on this blog.

This is what passive income truly is. You make something once, publish it in the market and then rest in peace for the rest of your life. 

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