Friday, 24 April 2015

My Daily Average Android app Income Stats for April 2015

As you may know, I have just started this blog to share my weekly android income with others. In order to elaborate my income stats a bit more, I have decided to start a new series of articles in which I will show you guys my average earnings over a specific time period.

The CPC for the month of April is comparatively better than last two months and with more clicks and impressions my earnings are steadily increasing. I'm not trying to rush things out and I'm satisfied with Admob only for now. I remember trying out Revmob advertisements for Android but I got notifications from Google play regarding clash of policy with RevMob ads so have to remove those.

Just took these fresh screenshots of my adsense account. For those who don't know Admob account gets linked with your adsense account so you can check your app earning through your adsense account and for this purpose I have adsense app installed on my phone so I can keep myself updated regarding the income stats.

As you can see my earnings are steadily climbing by $20 every month for the last three months for now. I have almost 12,000 downloads of my app and daily impressions of my ads range in the same line.

Overall I'm seeing a gradual climb in my ads impressions. Remember impressions are different from number of users. 12,000 impressions means the number of times my ad was shown to any individual using my app.

There is also increase in the CPC which I can relate to the fact that mid year months usually give more CPC. I have very high CPC in December last year which one can correlate to the Christmas time period.

Number of clicks vary alot. As most of my users of app are the same on an average day so clicks vary alot. My app downloads are increasing very steadily and range from 50-70 new downloads per day. These stats are based on this growth rate.

If you have any questions regarding my android income and earning, feel free to pass a comment before you leave this blog. Keep visiting as I'll keep updating this blog with my earning stats.

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