Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Making money with Android App - Income Report Week # 1

Making money with Android App - Income Report Week # 1

This blog is meant for showcasing my earnings through 1 Android App that I launched a few months ago and is now earning me a decent $100 per month. It's decent start as it's a totally passive income and I literally have to do nothing but to keep a look out on my Admob account.

Based on this little success of my first android app, I have decided to share my weekly income reports with all those android developers who intend to launch their own android app. My income is totally based on Admob as I'm not really finding any time to use any new mobile advertisements for now.

So for this week of 15th - 21st April. My android income is as follows. Remember making money with android requires time and a lot of luck cause the success of an app depends entirely on how you maintain your marketing strategy.

Making money with Android - Estimated Earning

As you can see I have earned $30 for this week which is quite a good thing as I had a target of acheiving atleast $110 for this month. I earned $93 last month in total from my android app. So this would be an increase of almost $20 which is quite good. 

Making money with Android App - Page views/ impressions

The page views have been growing steadily and although that's a good number of impressions but the CPC is not much despite the fact that most of my android app users are US based. The number of clicks are again good but the drop in CPC is the main reason that I'm not able to touch $200 mark monthly for now.

Making money with Android App - no. of clicks

At times I have gotten ad tappings of as low as 0.01 CPC which totally blows the average CPC that I was getting from high ranked clicks. Nevertheless I'm happy as long as I'm getting an improvement over average CPC month wise. 

Making money with Android App - Cost per Click

So, these are my stats for this week. If you own an android app and is earning from it be sure to let me know. I would love to share your stats in this blog as this blog is meant to encourage developers for doing quality work and to encourage more developers to enter this field.


  1. can you give link of your app?

  2. The only reason I can't is it would increase the competition as many developers would then create clone apps and that actually make things tougher.