Wednesday, 6 May 2015

My 1 Year Experience of Making Money with Android app

Realistic Stats of How much money you can make from your Android App

I got my first app made in July 2014. I outsourced it. Initially, it was a very casual quotations application. For first 3 months, I didn't really promote the app and the download were way less. it was after doing some SEO and keywords related work and also some app tweeking that I was finally able to make it rise up in rankings. After almost 4 months, in October 2014, I started making a few cents and dollars from my app. After the fourth update and some major improvements to over all structure, the app sky rocketed for few days with hundreds of downloads.

Now after almost a year, I'm feeling lucky that I launched this app back then. Below is the image. As you can see the graph is rising very steadily but the best thing is, it's rising! The reason I;m writing this article is to tell you guys about my experience. It takes a lot of patience to make money online, especially if you want to make passive money. You'll come across number of websites stating that you can make passive money from this or that but in the end every type of work requires diligence and patience.

I'm constantly updating this app as I'm targeting 1 million downloads for this app. Currently this app has over 50,000 downloads and almost 12,000 active users. Based on these stats, if I get a million impressions of my ads per month, I'd be able to make $300 - $500 every month! 

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