Thursday, 7 May 2015

Making money with Android App - Income Report Week # 3

Making money with Android App - Income Report Week # 3

The third week has been proved to very good when it comes to improvement of stats. Despite a drop in the 2nd week things are back on the upside. In total, I got an overall improved stats to share with you guys.

I also rolled out the new update for my main app improvising the overall user experience. I'm expecting the downloads to boost up a bit this month. There isn't much difference in the stats but I got two good days where I made $6 and $5 respectively and that boosted the overall earnings this week.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

My 1 Year Experience of Making Money with Android app

Realistic Stats of How much money you can make from your Android App

I got my first app made in July 2014. I outsourced it. Initially, it was a very casual quotations application. For first 3 months, I didn't really promote the app and the download were way less. it was after doing some SEO and keywords related work and also some app tweeking that I was finally able to make it rise up in rankings. After almost 4 months, in October 2014, I started making a few cents and dollars from my app. After the fourth update and some major improvements to over all structure, the app sky rocketed for few days with hundreds of downloads.