Thursday, 30 April 2015

Making Money with Android App - Income Report Week # 2

This is my second week report in the Android income series that I'm writing about how I'm making total passive money with my android application. It has been six months since I launched my app. In the beginning I didn't really bother about promoting it or even updating it but after seeing the potential in the market and the incentive of total passive money, I invested some time and money to pursuit this endeavor.

Uptil now it has been a successful one. My app is getting reasonable 50-70 downloads per day and I have started making a modest $100 per month. It's not much but frankly I would accept it as long as it's coming without even making a single effort.

Saturday, 25 April 2015

How I make total Passive money with my Android Applications

I have been reading a lot about passive money making and passive income but almost everyone talks only about how you can make passive income from a website (which is totally untrue). So, today I have decided to write this article on what true passive income is. Unlike other bloggers who consider blogging as a source of passive income, I believe that it's totally ridiculous. In order to make good money from blogging you have to work daily in writing new content and then marketing your blog to increase its readership.

That was the reason I left blogging in the first place cause it was a lot of hardwork and I was looking for some type of an monetary investment rather than time investment. After seeing how app owners earn and make money from their apps, I decided to pursue this line and uptill now I'm very glad that I left blogging for App development. P.S this blog is only for educating others and for now I have no intention to monetize it heavily.

Friday, 24 April 2015

My Daily Average Android app Income Stats for April 2015

As you may know, I have just started this blog to share my weekly android income with others. In order to elaborate my income stats a bit more, I have decided to start a new series of articles in which I will show you guys my average earnings over a specific time period.

The CPC for the month of April is comparatively better than last two months and with more clicks and impressions my earnings are steadily increasing. I'm not trying to rush things out and I'm satisfied with Admob only for now. I remember trying out Revmob advertisements for Android but I got notifications from Google play regarding clash of policy with RevMob ads so have to remove those.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Making money with Android App - Income Report Week # 1

Making money with Android App - Income Report Week # 1

This blog is meant for showcasing my earnings through 1 Android App that I launched a few months ago and is now earning me a decent $100 per month. It's decent start as it's a totally passive income and I literally have to do nothing but to keep a look out on my Admob account.

Based on this little success of my first android app, I have decided to share my weekly income reports with all those android developers who intend to launch their own android app. My income is totally based on Admob as I'm not really finding any time to use any new mobile advertisements for now.

So for this week of 15th - 21st April. My android income is as follows. Remember making money with android requires time and a lot of luck cause the success of an app depends entirely on how you maintain your marketing strategy.