Thursday, 7 May 2015

Making money with Android App - Income Report Week # 3

Making money with Android App - Income Report Week # 3

The third week has been proved to very good when it comes to improvement of stats. Despite a drop in the 2nd week things are back on the upside. In total, I got an overall improved stats to share with you guys.

I also rolled out the new update for my main app improvising the overall user experience. I'm expecting the downloads to boost up a bit this month. There isn't much difference in the stats but I got two good days where I made $6 and $5 respectively and that boosted the overall earnings this week.

Making money with Android - Estimated Earning

Average has been good this week. I'm expecting to touch $150 mark this month from the $110 that I made last month. Let's see if it goes that way.

Making money with Android App - Page views/ impressions

The page views have been growing steadily and although that's a good number of impressions but the CPC is not much despite the fact that most of my android app users are US based. 

Making money with Android App - no. of clicks

Again the number of clicks have also improved but that can be attributed to the increase impressions.

Making money with Android App - Cost per Click

So, these are my stats for this week. If you own an android app and is earning from it be sure to let me know. I would love to share your stats in this blog as this blog is meant to encourage developers for doing quality work and to encourage more developers to enter this field.


  1. what software u used to make app?

  2. how can make you app????
    how make money from this????