Saturday, 20 June 2015

Making Money With Android App - Income Report for May 2015

My monthly Android income report is here. Sorry for the delay in reporting. I had to shut down this blog for some reason but now it's back online and I'm back to sharing my stats of what I made through my android app endeavors. I'll be updating the domain of this app soon in order to lure in more viewers cause frankly I understand this domain name is totally not good. Anyways to the main deal now. May has been good for me I crossed my target of making $120 in one month and got an overall increase of $10.

Compared to that last month, the stats have increased overall. My CPC has improved to 0.09$/ click. CPC is the cost per click. It's the average money I make per click on my Admob ad. Pageviews have improved as well along with the no. of clicks. It's a gradual rise in my stats but the best part is it's totally passive money and I didn't have to do a thing to make except to keep my apps updated. I intend to roll in more updates as I want to keep my users engage.

So, here is how I made my first $120 through my android app. Please keep visiting this blog every week for more stats.

Making Money With Android App - Income Report

making money with android app

For more stats on how I make money with my android app, read on. 

making money with android app

making money with android app

making money with android app

The month of June is showing ups and downs but I'm hoping it would maintain my average of $100. I'll update the stats for this month soon. Thank you for visiting my blog. Keep making money with android apps. 

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